Saturday, December 17, 2011

Where's winter?

Christmas mood knocks on my door at last. But where on earth is winter? There's +10°C these days, and still there's no snow. It seems like it's october now. :D
Second time I've got lessons on Christmas, that's unfairly. As you probably guess, this happens because people here have their holiday on 7 January (orthodox christmas, after new year).
Btw, I am ashamed that I had no idea that this song based on a ukrainian folk chant. :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

At last

My project is finished, and I'm free from my finals. At least, I have time for some rest right in Christmas and New Year. Arrrh, my exam had taken about 4 weeks of my time, I'm glad it is done. Actually, I had to write some kind of simulation of live city, with roads, footway, houses, people, animals, traffic lights etc... The most important thing was to build the right architecture for this application, and I had changed it for three times. I'm glad that I didn't need to create it with OpenGL or other graphic library. I won't post the source code here or on other sites because of copywright reasons :D :D Maybe at least some fragments from the documentation for my app, that I wrote with doxygen. But not now. I got the highest grade that is equivalent of "A+" in US, for it. Fuck yeah :D
I discovered a strange thing that alcohol helps me :D Second time in this month after drinking hard(this time it was vodka) I've found the best way to solve some problems in my projects :D But I will try not to abuse with it.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

mind = blown

I was saying, that my first exam project is boring, huh? The teacher gave us another one as an alternative. I began to write it... :D I wish I could take all my words about boring and simple projects back. After I've started it, my brain is somewhere in astral or zen. At least, I'm happy that this doing gives me a priceless experience with many things. But now I fell myself very herp-derp.

Yeah, and that song is just in time.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Reckless Love

If some years ago I could say that there are no new good young bands that sound (at least a bit) like my favourite bands from 80s, now I can say about it - "Bullshit!". Some weeks ago my best friend gave me link to this band - Reckless Love. And I just cant stop listening to them, especially "Animal Attraction" (2011) album. "Dirty Dreams" and "On The Radio" songs are always in my playlist now %)

Check it out ;)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I caught a cold and I've no idea how it happened. Actually, I don't like at all this state when you cannot smell a thing.So I stay at home and try to get some rest :D
Today I found on my hd some spring photos of my country house from last year, and there are photos of our apricot tree that fell this summer when was a storm. Now that place looks a bit "empty". That tree was about 100 years or even more. My great-great-grandfather planted it.

Monday, October 31, 2011

another windows tricks

It looks like I have nothing to do :D I decided to delete all the stuff on my notebook and install Windows 7 :F Stupid windows developers preview bastard killed my connectify and I decided to set stable 7 version instead. Now everything is fine.

Btw, Happy Halloween to my west followers. I hope you feast it cool, not unlike in my godforsaken country :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Today I've found myself at the beach, again, listening to Bob Marley and being deep in my own thoughts. When I breathe the sea ​​air, cool ideas come to me.
Actually, today I find out that october is a cool period to get some rest here. If some of my followers will deside to come and see my city, you're welcome, and on October I've got some homemade wine for you that you will not find in the whole world. :D Some of my friends say that this wine is erogenous Why? I've no idea ;)

after-all-the-day-coding thoughts

I have to write already my c++ projects for exams, but I still didn't start to do that. I find these exam's themes really simple and - what's more important - boring.
During my android experience I've already found several reasons to hate java plattform, mostly because of slow working. That's annoying me, especially on my old pc. Maybe in some years I'll buy mac and begin to learn Objective-C to build apps for iPhones and apple's tablets, I don't know. I've got enough work to do in other department for now :).
It's a pity that I cannot find (adequate) people in my area, who seriously interests in java and android develoment like me, 'cause it's hard to progress only by myself, without team. My leading teacher can only give me some good but common advices about programm building and designing, because he's not so strong in java like in c# and other things. I find some help on and some other forums and blogs, primarily in english. So, this rage comics which painted by myself describes my situation :D

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Windows8 and Connectify tricks

Well-well-well. Today I remembered that the program named Connectify can make wifi hotspot on Win 7, but I've got XP on my PC. Then I decided to make some experiment: to install connectify on my notebook, where, as you probably know, I installed windows (8) developers preview. After some cursing connectify's developers - its newest version kills my PPPOE connection to Internet - and cursing again, but now - ms developers because of suspending connectify's exe file, I've installed it at last . And voila, now i've got wifi at home without the router again. What a favorable day today - everything I make today works properly.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I love sundays

Actually, lots of my familiars think that this is horrible - to study on sundays. But I don't think so, I've got the best teacher, I've got lots of time to study undisturbedly at home and I can plan all my week like I want, and I can sleeeeep all the monday morning :D . But almost all this time I spend for my projects, but that's ok too.
One day ago I was listening to Absolute Classic Rock radio (I found it on itunes, but it is possible to listen it from their site) and found an exellent duet - Cher and Meat Loaf. I had no idea, that Cher can sing like that :D I thought she is only an actress and another pop-singer.

p.s. f*ck u, android emulator and avd manager. I'm going to test all of my projects on my htc instead.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Look, what we've got here :) Today I saw (actually, lots of us saw) this ship Amadea that arrived to our port. I've no idea for how long, but this one looks pretty nice. Of course, I took some pics of it.

And some random photos of yachts, just for fun.

fkng eclipse

Jesus H. Christ who can tell me, what's wrong with this shit? Argh. Why there are some nightmare with Eclipse on Windows XP every time? %) Why on Linux everything works properly? I've just (2 hours ago %) updated adt-plugin, and here we have another bug. After running once an android project on emulator, everything hangs on 27%. FFFFUUUUUUuu~ Well, It's 2.00 am already, so I need to get some sleep %) Good night :D

Friday, October 21, 2011

The story continues

I feel myself like a volcano that ready to erupt. :D I wanted to find already a stable job as a junior programmer, but my teacher said that it is too early. Not that I'm weak or stupid, but if I begin my career right now, I'll have no time for studies (and they become more and more harder). Also most of companies (with my experience for now) can make me some kind of their "slave" for 2-3 years with little salary, and I don't want this. So I agree with my guru and first I'm going to make 2-3 my own serious projects, and then I'll think what to do next.
Today I watched "The Way" (2010) movie, it's great.
With another autumn I feel nostalgia for AOR (adult-oriented rock) genre again and these days almost all the time I'm listening to these bands like Strangeways, Cutting Crew, Journey etc.

One of the greatest songs that were included to GTA Vice City radio (Emotion FM :D)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a trip

Today my working day was interrupted by power outage, and I sent all to hell and went out :D Near the beach I was going down the "Health Track", and then I reached a center of my city. Today too little water was in my sport bottle and I was wondering where can I find a well-room with artesian water near. And suddenly I remembered that I can get some in my church :D So I got holy water instead of artesian water, and then I went to square where was my bus.

This soviet thing still works.

A part of the "Health Track"

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Ubuntu & Win

Today I decided to change os on my notebook, and it was some kind of experiment. Cause I've installed pre-beta version of Windows 8 (Windows Developer Preview) and beta-version of Ubuntu 11.10. To my surprise these versions work more than excellent on my old notebook, without any bugs. So I'm waiting for final release of win8 and hope that an image with the key will be available at my msdn aa account.
Some shot from Ubuntu, nothing special

And here we are - new Windows 8

New Internet Explorer looks a bit strange Oo

Thursday, September 22, 2011


It is a great weather for September. We've got lots of sun and warm air. Yesterday I saw a small hedgehog not far from my house. :D I don't understand where do they live in the city in winter. Here I brought some photos from my today journey, it's out seaport.


As one of my followers already knows, I try to go on my feet about 10 km every day. Today it was 14. Yeah, some people run this distance, but I can't do that. yet :) As a man, who sit at his computer about 8-10 hours every day, walkin' is a good rest for me, my eyes and my spine.
Today I was at the beach, Jeeez, I love so much beaches at september, when almost all men and women at work, and all the tourists went home.
Here was my "finish" today, and then I turned back and went home. It is "Gold Coast", after some repair, and now, in my opinion, it is the most beautiful beach in Odessa now. Many tourists know about one famous beach named Arcadia - but believe me, today Arcadia sucks, Gold Coast rules :D ;)

It's not so pretty shot, there are a fountain, lions and other fine things, but I was too lazy to take more pictures :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pew pew

Aw Jeez, I haven't posted here... for a looong time :D But I can explain it. I just have lots of work to do and I've no idea which interest thing can I write here :) My studies continue, I'm trying to improve my English, besides I began to read java and android books in English (books about android in Russian are horrible Oo).
Soooo... I keep on working;)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

my temporary relocation

Hiya everyone! I decided to make my vacation some varied. So I took my notebook, my htc wildfire, my usb hard drive and also some things and here i am. I'm in my summer cottage :D I will stay here fore some days (it depends on a weather). There is no internet here, but I made wifi hotspot from my phone. It's a pity that my friends both are far from the city and can't get here to drink some beer with me :( (and it's a more pity that there is no one girl here :P )
I've got a hookah here, and the whole bucket of apple tobacco for it. I'm going to make it in 2 hours :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

From my archive

Today I found on my pc one video with me :D But this is not just a "video". It was my home-mini-concert, if one could call it that name, that was 2 years ago. I decided to cut my favourite part from it and share :) Not that I pretend to be a rock-star but some people (and I) like it. It's hard to see something in the darkness on this video but that is not our fault. By the way, my profile photo is from that day too.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kick the vacation

I've got a vacation for 3 weeks, but so what? As Adriano Celentano said in "Il bisbetico domato" movie, "they rest from such work they don't like". But I do very much :) So, the vacation gives me more time for improve my knowledges and skills (in my case). I ordered another one programming cookbook from the internet that I'm waiting for more than 2 weeks, and I begin to think that I'll never get it (fucking ex-ussr post :D )
I was awakened by thunder this morning and I'm very glad that the weather gets a bit colder. Eventually we can sleep at night without stuffy air (and wet bed):D
A few days ago I painted one comics about me and my life in these days. If you like "FUUUUUU~"-comics, perhaps you'll like it :DDDDD

I've started to read second book of The Lord Of The Rings, in english. (I mean "second" is Two Towers, not second part of the first book :D). And I can say I like it much more than russian version I read about 6-7 years ago.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nothing special

The hot weather continues, and I continue my studies. I hope, tomorrow our teacher won't say that all we've done on this week in our homework is wrong :) On this week I studied so hard that I took no notice how fast this week passed.
By the way, I've joined the Google + project and can invite people, so if you want to join this social network too and can't register, you can give me your email and I'll invite you.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I just can't believe, that I've learned German language for 12 years. I've almost forgotten all german words and now I understand and speak English, that I've never learned at the school or some courses, much better :) And when I'm trying to read some text in German, I don't understand it at all (without vocabulary :D ). I want to learn another one language, when I'll sure with my English. I wanna learn French rather, but German is good too :) As for Polish, here I know only dirty words and some prayers :D Strange combination, huh? It's because I've got friends-sailors, who works with polish sailors, and I acquainted with many priests and nuns from Poland, who's working in Odessa. :) I'm kidding and exaggerating here, 'cause when I see some text in polish, in 80% cases I understand all the text or its meaning, but the polish speech is still to difficult to me. There are free polish language courses from polish consulate in my city, but now I'm too lazy to attend them :(
As for our state language - ukrainian - :D I understand it of course and can speak it, but I use it very seldom - only when people don't understand russian or just prefer to speak ukrainian :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I haven't posted 'cause I played as host to my near relations from Siberia Oo. Yep, I've got lots of relatives there (cognation), and it's hard to meet each other often because of the distance and money :) So, I was busy, showed the city, drunk beer, talked to them etc.
The heat weather returns to my city these days and it is time to switch on fans and air-conditioners. :) I've alreay done it.
Today I bought a book I accidently found on a desk in a bookshop. It is Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML, in russian. I've got lots of manuals in this area on my PC and in my brain, but i decided to buy it to fill in the gaps in it's knowledge. Cause sometimes, when I don't understand some simple things I feel myself like an idiot.:D

upd. Ha! Some days ago a squirrel came to our balcony. This stupid creature broke one of our cactuses :D But the cactus will live, and the squirrel will too, I'm a kind man :D

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

my cat

I remember one quote, that i found some day.
"My cat, as it turns out, is an excellent debugger, and she has helped me solve a number of nasty bugs when I talked to her about them."
John Robbins, Debugging Applications, Microsoft Press, 2000

Haha, after it I decided to talk to my cat about all my problems.  But I'm afraid, she doesn't even listen to me. She only likes to bite me, scratch me and ask for some food. :D And she's nice with me only when I'm at home alone, and only I can feed her. Her name' Eva. Here is that nasty creature :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

the power of nature

In the last 20 years I've never seen so horrible weather in summer in Odessa. Hundreds trees fell on houses and cars, crashed windows and roofs (one tree fell on an old woman and she died, one girl was injured), about 100 villages in our region left without electricity. And weather prognosis says that it won't be the end. Well, thank God I'm with electricity and with internet now. The city looks like after a band of dinosaurs were running through the streets.
And there is a tree near my house on the pictures.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


It rains all day, very strong wind blows, +13'C. Our neighbour of our summer cottage called and said that our apricot tree fell right on our house, something was crashed, a window or a roof, or both of them. My father's going to find out it tomorrow morning. And just 10 minutes ago fell the maple, that is right opposite my balcony. I heard how it tore wires and crashed some windows too, but thank God not ours. I loved that tree, cause with its help one squirrel comes on my balkony to get some nuts :) Now he (or she) won't get it :(
My friend says that many trees fell in the city core, one of them crashed a tram, I hope nothing will fall tomorrow when I will go to my academy Oo. I'm going to take my camera and get some pics tomorrow, if I'll find some horrible nature's pranks.
By the way, check it out, the squirrel from my court in winter. :)

Friday, June 24, 2011


Hmm, today I received sms from my head of the curriculum department that this Sunday's lessons carried to Monday, again. I suspect, it happened because of free days in our country again, there will be the Constitution Day (28.06), so we've got 3 free days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and we're going to study, but in another day. %) Yup, that's tangly a bit, huh.
I need to lay out my time now, cause I don't wanna waste it. As weather forecast says, it will rain almost all the next week. So walking and sunbathing are canselled. A grade-grubler in my head tells me, that I should learn english more than I do it, and as I feel, I'll yield to it. :)
Today I was awakened at 7 o'clock by some goddamn bugger-neighbour from one or two levels down, he listened to the radio. There was "Europe - Final Countdown", but that is no excuse. If he'll do the same thing again, I kill him.
I remember one anecdote: "I set my favourite song as signal for the alarm clock. ..I don't have favourite songs anymore." :D that's true.

P.S. I hope, in the end of summer I won't be like a programmer on this pic :D

Thursday, June 16, 2011


So, I'm gonna study almost all summer, cause my computer academy gives us holidays in summer only for 2 weeks in August. But this thing doesn't distress me, i'm ready to work hard :D Of course, i'll have little time for the beach and other fun things. Ah, I forgot only one thing. Beaches in Odessa are nice only in May and September, cause every summer many tourists from whole ex-USSR come here, and it's very hard to find comfortable place on the beach where all of them here, especially on Saturdays and Sundays, when local aborigines have a day off work and want to lie on the sun too :)
I'm not swot, but i like studying in my academy, cause i like all that have sense and reason, and this academy does, as for me, all the more we've got a new teacher now, and in my opinion, the best teacher i've ever seen. :). It's difficult to say the same about my last university that I left because of horrible old training program, lame-brained lecturers and more lame-brained students of the same year :D :D I'm happy that I desided to leave it, and saved several years of my life instead of wasting time there only for diploma.

Are you experienced?

A few days ago I met with my best friend, who returned at last from a cruise, we wanted to see each other and drink some beer. But he prepared me a surprise - a present, cause he missed my birthday (June 1 :) ). He gave me a plastic bag, and what was there? Yeeea, there was "Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced?" CD, exclusive license. Yeah, I was really glad, 'cause this is JIMI! And it is not some underground-maded cd with tissue-cover and ukrainian words about "license" and other crap :D This CD enlarges my collection, where i already have such cd's as Led Zeppelin IV, Rolling Stones - Aftermath, Queen II and others. I'm not some kind of mad audiophile, but as fo me, there is a very big difference between mp3's (or even losless) and your own audio cd. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

fantastic weather

It's raining now and I hear deafening claps of thunder right overhead. Not very good weather for the summer, but I like it. I don't like oppressive heat at all, that usually comes every summer to my city. Especially as, now I can concentrate on my work or/and my studying, cause nothing draws my attention away from it.


Yeah, I was writing this post, when an accident sent me to the 17' сentury - electric light and water were cut off for 2 hours :D It is a common occurrence for my city, and the whole country too, so I wasn't surprised :D Now troubles with the internet connection start :D I hate that.

Monday, June 13, 2011

a new manner

So. I desided to write all my next posts in English. It will be better for me and my future readers, I hope :). As for russians, they can ask me to translate all they need :D If you will find here some awful mistakes, please don't call me a stupid bastard :D But I will be glad if you'll help me to correct them and use right phrases etc.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Обновление версии Android на HTC Wildfire до 2.2

Как и многие, поле обновления получил сообщение "Приложение HTC Sense (процесс неожиданно остановилось. Повторите попытку." Решение проблемы с помогло сразу же, а именно:
пока окошко с надписью "Загрузка..." отображается на экране, чтобы после выдать нам выше упомянутую ошибку, быстро жмем на кнопку поиска, вводим в ней "Настройки". Заходим в них, после в "Приложения - Управление приложениями", переходим на вкладку "Все приложения", ищем и выбираем HTC Sense, очищаем данные и кеш. Этот метод мне помог, попробуйте, не спешите делать хард ресет :F.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lingvo на Android

Пока разработчики компании ABBYY продолжают "изучать рынок", многие уже давно решили забить на переводчик, и воспользоваться альтернативой. Этому же примеру последовал и я, потому как словарь часто нужен, а компьютер вне зоны досягаемости. С андроид маректа ставим ColorDict Dictionary Universal, а с рутрекера качаем словари, переконвертированные из словарей Lingvo. В раздаче лежит также приложение ColorDict, можно поставить его, если лень качать через маркет или нет возможности, но здесь более старая версия. Часть пользователей жаловались на ошибки при работе с немецкими словарями, по этому поводу ничего сказать не могу - качал и ставил только английские. HTC Wildfire - работает как часы.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Решение проблемы с ошибкой компиляции в Visual Studio 2010 (error MSB4014)

Наблюдал эту дрянь на наших и иностранных форумах и столкнулся сам. Установлена Visual Studio 2010 Professional на Windows 7 x86 Ultimate. Проблема была следующей: при компиляции любого кода, того же стандартного "Hello, World!", выдавались ошибки:

error MSB4014: The build stopped unexpectedly because of an internal failure.
Microsoft.Build.Exceptions.BuildAbortedException: Build was canceled. MSBuild.exe could not be launched as a child node as it could not be found at the location "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30128\MSBuild.exe". If necessary, specify the correct location in the BuildParameters, or with the MSBUILD_EXE_PATH environment variable.
at Microsoft.Build.BackEnd.NodeManager.AttemptCreateNode(INodeProvider nodeProvider, NodeConfiguration nodeConfiguration)
at Microsoft.Build.BackEnd.NodeManager.CreateNode(NodeConfiguration configuration, NodeAffinity nodeAffinity)
at Microsoft.Build.Execution.BuildManager.PerformSchedulingActions(IEnumerable`1 responses)
at Microsoft.Build.Execution.BuildManager.HandleNewRequest(Int32 node, BuildRequestBlocker blocker)
at Microsoft.Build.Execution.BuildManager.IssueRequestToScheduler(BuildSubmission submission, Boolean allowMainThreadBuild, BuildRequestBlocker blocker)

Если подобные ошибки попортили нервы и вам, тогда делаем следующее:
Переустанавливать студию не обязательно.
Если имя пользователя системы на превышает 19 символов (у людей была ошибка из-за этого, но кем надо быть чтобы задавать имя длиннее такого - я не знаю...), идем дальше.
Идем на сайт msdn, конкретнее смотрим вот это, выбираем NDP40-KB2298853-x86.exe, качаем, устанавливаем. Желательно поставить все рекомендуемые обновления для системы (в центре обновлений Windows).
В свойствах программы (Пуск - Все программы - Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, пкм - Свойства) на вкладке Безопасность для всего что можно, т.е. Все, Пользователи и т.д. поставить галочку напротив "Полный доступ", жмем "Применить".
Запускаем студию, набираем код, компилируем, ждем. Если все сделано правильно, код будет скомпилирован без ошибок.

Такая же ошибка выдавалась при включенном антивирусе Avast. После выключения все работает нормально.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wifi на HTC Wildfire через PC

После 3 суток секса с температурой 38 и настройкой точки доступа на компе наконец была выведена окончательная формула стабильной работы. Итак, что у меня было:

PC с ОС Windows 7;
USB-адаптер D-Linl DWA-110 (если у вас такой адаптер, драйвера на него не нужны - система устанавливает свои);
программка Connectify;
мой родимый HTC Wildfire.

Задача была создать точку доступа на компе, чтобы телефон мог видеть сеть и спокойно подключаться к ней. Переписывать настройки точки доступа не буду, они подробно указаны здесь. Стоит лишь сделать замечание, что следует делать все поэтапно, и не забывать о перезагрузке компьютера.
А речь пойдет для тех, у кого 2 основные проблемы:
1. Высвечивается в программе Connectify надпись "UPnP Not Running!"
2. и(или) телефон видит сеть, пытается подключиться но отключается (и так до бесконечности).

Возможные решения проблем:
Перво-наперво отрубить брандмауер Windows, сетевой экран фаервола (если есть) и защитник Windows.
Если после перезагрузки происходит нечто неадекватное, как то: падение сети, бесконечное подключение телефона к сети и т.п., поступаем следующим образом: отключаем Connectify (кнопка Stop Hotspot), идем в Центр управления сетями и общим доступом, отключаем "Беспроводное соединение 2" (то соединение, которое было создано программой Connectify. Далее отключаем Беспроводное сетевое соединение, которое создала система. Выключаем программу Connectify. Включаем Беспроводное сетевое соединение. Запускаем Connectify, жмем Start Hotspot, радуемся. Для верности в настройках телефона в настройках Wifi жмем MENU - -> Доролнительно, ставим галочку Использовать статический IP, и прописываем IP адрес, Маску сети и DNS, которые присвоены "Беспроводному соединению 2". Посмотреть все это можно в свойствах подключения. Включаем WiFi на телефоне, если все сделано правильно, телефон подключится к нужной сети, получит адрес - и вуаля, заходим на Андроид Маркет, Вконтакте и так далее.

P.S. С чем связаны подобные танцы, можно только гадать. То ли дело в самом устаревшем адаптере DLinka 110го, то ли в драйверах на него, обновления которых не будут выходить в связи со снятием с производства. Но этот способ работает и возможно кому-то кому-то поможет.