Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dafuq or my university adventures

Sorry, but this post will contain lots of dirty words :) Yep, I'm back, again, as you can see :)
I just wanted to write about my adventures at the university and stupid ex-soviet system that I hate more and more. I wanted to take away my high school diploma from my university and take an academic transcript that I need at another university. Sooooo, I go to the secretary of my dean's office. And here the game begins...
First, I stand in a queue and waiting. Then the secretary tells me that I have to go to our dean and write a statement to the rector. I go to our dean, stand in the queue, then go to talk to him. He tells me, that I'm on the wrong way, cause I need to go to the secretary and write this damn statement there. Well, fine. Go to the secretary again. She tells me "Nope, not here. Go to the A143 cabinet (it's in another campus, I'm at campus B in this story) and write it there. Or you can bring me some paper from there, cause I don't have any." Okay... I go to the A143 and say "Hi, my name is N, I'm from N... can I write a statement here?" Two women look at me like I'm mad and say that I have to do this at my secretary... What the ffff?? Okay, I say, but can you give me some paper? Cause they don't have any... (First I though than I need some special form with paper, but nope!!! Just blank paper!). They gave me the paper and I return to the B campus... Then I write this fucking statement, go to the dean, waiting, he signed it, then I go back to the secretary. She says "Well, go to the A130 cabinet, the have to sign it and you can leave your statement there". I go there. But what? The woman there tells me that I have to leave this $#$%@$# statement at my secretary. Go to the B campus, again, say all that I had to say. Secretary takes phone and starts to call. After 3 calls she says that she needs some another my documents and she will able to give me my transcript in 10 days.

You think, it's over? Nope, here another post comes, about universities library.

Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm back, again

I do not forsake my blog, actually, I'm trying :D But I have no time and no ideas, that I can write here. Honestly, I wont to write here about just working/loving/walking/drinking - but nothing special happens this 2 months, but the only thing that makes me (and her) happy - I can see love of my life almost every day :)
Besides, I've got another, more professional than personal, blog http://rubchick.com/ where I write some things  about programming.
Yesterday I had a little conversation with our english teacher from San Francisco, good man, and good teacher. I hope, I will have chanses to meet more people like him.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

where the hell was i?

Yup, it's been a looong time :D Sorry for that. There're so many changes in my life and I had no time to post here, really. Changes in my personal life I prefer to keep in secret :D Well, that's ok. And I've got a job, a last. I've started my career as a junior android developer. I have no idea how I'll have time for all the things I have to do (and that I want to do), but I will try. :D Well, I'm back and I will try to post here more often. ..and I think, I'll have no time for sleep soon. Actually, I already have not :D