Monday, October 31, 2011

another windows tricks

It looks like I have nothing to do :D I decided to delete all the stuff on my notebook and install Windows 7 :F Stupid windows developers preview bastard killed my connectify and I decided to set stable 7 version instead. Now everything is fine.

Btw, Happy Halloween to my west followers. I hope you feast it cool, not unlike in my godforsaken country :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Today I've found myself at the beach, again, listening to Bob Marley and being deep in my own thoughts. When I breathe the sea ​​air, cool ideas come to me.
Actually, today I find out that october is a cool period to get some rest here. If some of my followers will deside to come and see my city, you're welcome, and on October I've got some homemade wine for you that you will not find in the whole world. :D Some of my friends say that this wine is erogenous Why? I've no idea ;)

after-all-the-day-coding thoughts

I have to write already my c++ projects for exams, but I still didn't start to do that. I find these exam's themes really simple and - what's more important - boring.
During my android experience I've already found several reasons to hate java plattform, mostly because of slow working. That's annoying me, especially on my old pc. Maybe in some years I'll buy mac and begin to learn Objective-C to build apps for iPhones and apple's tablets, I don't know. I've got enough work to do in other department for now :).
It's a pity that I cannot find (adequate) people in my area, who seriously interests in java and android develoment like me, 'cause it's hard to progress only by myself, without team. My leading teacher can only give me some good but common advices about programm building and designing, because he's not so strong in java like in c# and other things. I find some help on and some other forums and blogs, primarily in english. So, this rage comics which painted by myself describes my situation :D

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Windows8 and Connectify tricks

Well-well-well. Today I remembered that the program named Connectify can make wifi hotspot on Win 7, but I've got XP on my PC. Then I decided to make some experiment: to install connectify on my notebook, where, as you probably know, I installed windows (8) developers preview. After some cursing connectify's developers - its newest version kills my PPPOE connection to Internet - and cursing again, but now - ms developers because of suspending connectify's exe file, I've installed it at last . And voila, now i've got wifi at home without the router again. What a favorable day today - everything I make today works properly.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I love sundays

Actually, lots of my familiars think that this is horrible - to study on sundays. But I don't think so, I've got the best teacher, I've got lots of time to study undisturbedly at home and I can plan all my week like I want, and I can sleeeeep all the monday morning :D . But almost all this time I spend for my projects, but that's ok too.
One day ago I was listening to Absolute Classic Rock radio (I found it on itunes, but it is possible to listen it from their site) and found an exellent duet - Cher and Meat Loaf. I had no idea, that Cher can sing like that :D I thought she is only an actress and another pop-singer.

p.s. f*ck u, android emulator and avd manager. I'm going to test all of my projects on my htc instead.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Look, what we've got here :) Today I saw (actually, lots of us saw) this ship Amadea that arrived to our port. I've no idea for how long, but this one looks pretty nice. Of course, I took some pics of it.

And some random photos of yachts, just for fun.

fkng eclipse

Jesus H. Christ who can tell me, what's wrong with this shit? Argh. Why there are some nightmare with Eclipse on Windows XP every time? %) Why on Linux everything works properly? I've just (2 hours ago %) updated adt-plugin, and here we have another bug. After running once an android project on emulator, everything hangs on 27%. FFFFUUUUUUuu~ Well, It's 2.00 am already, so I need to get some sleep %) Good night :D

Friday, October 21, 2011

The story continues

I feel myself like a volcano that ready to erupt. :D I wanted to find already a stable job as a junior programmer, but my teacher said that it is too early. Not that I'm weak or stupid, but if I begin my career right now, I'll have no time for studies (and they become more and more harder). Also most of companies (with my experience for now) can make me some kind of their "slave" for 2-3 years with little salary, and I don't want this. So I agree with my guru and first I'm going to make 2-3 my own serious projects, and then I'll think what to do next.
Today I watched "The Way" (2010) movie, it's great.
With another autumn I feel nostalgia for AOR (adult-oriented rock) genre again and these days almost all the time I'm listening to these bands like Strangeways, Cutting Crew, Journey etc.

One of the greatest songs that were included to GTA Vice City radio (Emotion FM :D)