Friday, October 28, 2011

after-all-the-day-coding thoughts

I have to write already my c++ projects for exams, but I still didn't start to do that. I find these exam's themes really simple and - what's more important - boring.
During my android experience I've already found several reasons to hate java plattform, mostly because of slow working. That's annoying me, especially on my old pc. Maybe in some years I'll buy mac and begin to learn Objective-C to build apps for iPhones and apple's tablets, I don't know. I've got enough work to do in other department for now :).
It's a pity that I cannot find (adequate) people in my area, who seriously interests in java and android develoment like me, 'cause it's hard to progress only by myself, without team. My leading teacher can only give me some good but common advices about programm building and designing, because he's not so strong in java like in c# and other things. I find some help on and some other forums and blogs, primarily in english. So, this rage comics which painted by myself describes my situation :D