Sunday, July 10, 2011


I just can't believe, that I've learned German language for 12 years. I've almost forgotten all german words and now I understand and speak English, that I've never learned at the school or some courses, much better :) And when I'm trying to read some text in German, I don't understand it at all (without vocabulary :D ). I want to learn another one language, when I'll sure with my English. I wanna learn French rather, but German is good too :) As for Polish, here I know only dirty words and some prayers :D Strange combination, huh? It's because I've got friends-sailors, who works with polish sailors, and I acquainted with many priests and nuns from Poland, who's working in Odessa. :) I'm kidding and exaggerating here, 'cause when I see some text in polish, in 80% cases I understand all the text or its meaning, but the polish speech is still to difficult to me. There are free polish language courses from polish consulate in my city, but now I'm too lazy to attend them :(
As for our state language - ukrainian - :D I understand it of course and can speak it, but I use it very seldom - only when people don't understand russian or just prefer to speak ukrainian :)


  1. For one who speaks only one language with certain accomplishment, and struggles to be understood and to understand in a second language, I am so very much in awe of someone who has many languages, an admirable accomplishment. Yay, for you!


  2. I love learning languages. I took some German and several years of Spanish in high school. I also know Latin and ancient Greek. Have fun learning :)

  3. Man, I wish I knew German. My brother-in-law is going to teach it to me while teaching it to him and my sisters daughter when she is learning how to talk. That is really cool that you know multiple languages. I am inspired.