Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a trip

Today my working day was interrupted by power outage, and I sent all to hell and went out :D Near the beach I was going down the "Health Track", and then I reached a center of my city. Today too little water was in my sport bottle and I was wondering where can I find a well-room with artesian water near. And suddenly I remembered that I can get some in my church :D So I got holy water instead of artesian water, and then I went to square where was my bus.

This soviet thing still works.

A part of the "Health Track"

Some piece of the port


  1. I love your pictures, and your English seems pretty darn good to me. If you want, I could help you. I gave that picture to a German friend earlier today and helped her get through it. It's kind of fun. Some of them are a bit weird, even for me.

  2. wow, i can't get over the idea of using holy water to fill your bottle. i'm inspired to use that image in a story...

    btw odessa looks like a beautiful city-

  3. "btw odessa looks like a beautiful city- "
    Yup, a center of the city is very beautiful, but unfortunately not the whole city. :) Besides, like I know, and Wiki says, the site of Odessa was once occupied by an ancient Greek colony. Some years ago our archeologists found remains of an ancient Greek settlement right in the center of one of our main streets. :) I can get some photos of it for you :)

  4. Hello, thanks for following my blog. I like your pictures. What sort of programming do you do?

  5. Hi, Eberlin! I learn C/C++ and system programming at my college now, and Java and Android development by myself :)

  6. Odessa is such a cool name and appears to be a beautiful city as well.