Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kick the vacation

I've got a vacation for 3 weeks, but so what? As Adriano Celentano said in "Il bisbetico domato" movie, "they rest from such work they don't like". But I do very much :) So, the vacation gives me more time for improve my knowledges and skills (in my case). I ordered another one programming cookbook from the internet that I'm waiting for more than 2 weeks, and I begin to think that I'll never get it (fucking ex-ussr post :D )
I was awakened by thunder this morning and I'm very glad that the weather gets a bit colder. Eventually we can sleep at night without stuffy air (and wet bed):D
A few days ago I painted one comics about me and my life in these days. If you like "FUUUUUU~"-comics, perhaps you'll like it :DDDDD

I've started to read second book of The Lord Of The Rings, in english. (I mean "second" is Two Towers, not second part of the first book :D). And I can say I like it much more than russian version I read about 6-7 years ago.

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  1. I love FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU. Two Towers has no begining and no end (due to it being the middle book in a trilogy) but I found it to be most excellent.