Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a trip

Today my working day was interrupted by power outage, and I sent all to hell and went out :D Near the beach I was going down the "Health Track", and then I reached a center of my city. Today too little water was in my sport bottle and I was wondering where can I find a well-room with artesian water near. And suddenly I remembered that I can get some in my church :D So I got holy water instead of artesian water, and then I went to square where was my bus.

This soviet thing still works.

A part of the "Health Track"

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Ubuntu & Win

Today I decided to change os on my notebook, and it was some kind of experiment. Cause I've installed pre-beta version of Windows 8 (Windows Developer Preview) and beta-version of Ubuntu 11.10. To my surprise these versions work more than excellent on my old notebook, without any bugs. So I'm waiting for final release of win8 and hope that an image with the key will be available at my msdn aa account.
Some shot from Ubuntu, nothing special

And here we are - new Windows 8

New Internet Explorer looks a bit strange Oo

Thursday, September 22, 2011


It is a great weather for September. We've got lots of sun and warm air. Yesterday I saw a small hedgehog not far from my house. :D I don't understand where do they live in the city in winter. Here I brought some photos from my today journey, it's out seaport.


As one of my followers already knows, I try to go on my feet about 10 km every day. Today it was 14. Yeah, some people run this distance, but I can't do that. yet :) As a man, who sit at his computer about 8-10 hours every day, walkin' is a good rest for me, my eyes and my spine.
Today I was at the beach, Jeeez, I love so much beaches at september, when almost all men and women at work, and all the tourists went home.
Here was my "finish" today, and then I turned back and went home. It is "Gold Coast", after some repair, and now, in my opinion, it is the most beautiful beach in Odessa now. Many tourists know about one famous beach named Arcadia - but believe me, today Arcadia sucks, Gold Coast rules :D ;)

It's not so pretty shot, there are a fountain, lions and other fine things, but I was too lazy to take more pictures :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pew pew

Aw Jeez, I haven't posted here... for a looong time :D But I can explain it. I just have lots of work to do and I've no idea which interest thing can I write here :) My studies continue, I'm trying to improve my English, besides I began to read java and android books in English (books about android in Russian are horrible Oo).
Soooo... I keep on working;)