Sunday, December 11, 2011

At last

My project is finished, and I'm free from my finals. At least, I have time for some rest right in Christmas and New Year. Arrrh, my exam had taken about 4 weeks of my time, I'm glad it is done. Actually, I had to write some kind of simulation of live city, with roads, footway, houses, people, animals, traffic lights etc... The most important thing was to build the right architecture for this application, and I had changed it for three times. I'm glad that I didn't need to create it with OpenGL or other graphic library. I won't post the source code here or on other sites because of copywright reasons :D :D Maybe at least some fragments from the documentation for my app, that I wrote with doxygen. But not now. I got the highest grade that is equivalent of "A+" in US, for it. Fuck yeah :D
I discovered a strange thing that alcohol helps me :D Second time in this month after drinking hard(this time it was vodka) I've found the best way to solve some problems in my projects :D But I will try not to abuse with it.

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