Wednesday, June 29, 2011

my cat

I remember one quote, that i found some day.
"My cat, as it turns out, is an excellent debugger, and she has helped me solve a number of nasty bugs when I talked to her about them."
John Robbins, Debugging Applications, Microsoft Press, 2000

Haha, after it I decided to talk to my cat about all my problems.  But I'm afraid, she doesn't even listen to me. She only likes to bite me, scratch me and ask for some food. :D And she's nice with me only when I'm at home alone, and only I can feed her. Her name' Eva. Here is that nasty creature :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

the power of nature

In the last 20 years I've never seen so horrible weather in summer in Odessa. Hundreds trees fell on houses and cars, crashed windows and roofs (one tree fell on an old woman and she died, one girl was injured), about 100 villages in our region left without electricity. And weather prognosis says that it won't be the end. Well, thank God I'm with electricity and with internet now. The city looks like after a band of dinosaurs were running through the streets.
And there is a tree near my house on the pictures.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


It rains all day, very strong wind blows, +13'C. Our neighbour of our summer cottage called and said that our apricot tree fell right on our house, something was crashed, a window or a roof, or both of them. My father's going to find out it tomorrow morning. And just 10 minutes ago fell the maple, that is right opposite my balcony. I heard how it tore wires and crashed some windows too, but thank God not ours. I loved that tree, cause with its help one squirrel comes on my balkony to get some nuts :) Now he (or she) won't get it :(
My friend says that many trees fell in the city core, one of them crashed a tram, I hope nothing will fall tomorrow when I will go to my academy Oo. I'm going to take my camera and get some pics tomorrow, if I'll find some horrible nature's pranks.
By the way, check it out, the squirrel from my court in winter. :)

Friday, June 24, 2011


Hmm, today I received sms from my head of the curriculum department that this Sunday's lessons carried to Monday, again. I suspect, it happened because of free days in our country again, there will be the Constitution Day (28.06), so we've got 3 free days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and we're going to study, but in another day. %) Yup, that's tangly a bit, huh.
I need to lay out my time now, cause I don't wanna waste it. As weather forecast says, it will rain almost all the next week. So walking and sunbathing are canselled. A grade-grubler in my head tells me, that I should learn english more than I do it, and as I feel, I'll yield to it. :)
Today I was awakened at 7 o'clock by some goddamn bugger-neighbour from one or two levels down, he listened to the radio. There was "Europe - Final Countdown", but that is no excuse. If he'll do the same thing again, I kill him.
I remember one anecdote: "I set my favourite song as signal for the alarm clock. ..I don't have favourite songs anymore." :D that's true.

P.S. I hope, in the end of summer I won't be like a programmer on this pic :D

Thursday, June 16, 2011


So, I'm gonna study almost all summer, cause my computer academy gives us holidays in summer only for 2 weeks in August. But this thing doesn't distress me, i'm ready to work hard :D Of course, i'll have little time for the beach and other fun things. Ah, I forgot only one thing. Beaches in Odessa are nice only in May and September, cause every summer many tourists from whole ex-USSR come here, and it's very hard to find comfortable place on the beach where all of them here, especially on Saturdays and Sundays, when local aborigines have a day off work and want to lie on the sun too :)
I'm not swot, but i like studying in my academy, cause i like all that have sense and reason, and this academy does, as for me, all the more we've got a new teacher now, and in my opinion, the best teacher i've ever seen. :). It's difficult to say the same about my last university that I left because of horrible old training program, lame-brained lecturers and more lame-brained students of the same year :D :D I'm happy that I desided to leave it, and saved several years of my life instead of wasting time there only for diploma.

Are you experienced?

A few days ago I met with my best friend, who returned at last from a cruise, we wanted to see each other and drink some beer. But he prepared me a surprise - a present, cause he missed my birthday (June 1 :) ). He gave me a plastic bag, and what was there? Yeeea, there was "Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced?" CD, exclusive license. Yeah, I was really glad, 'cause this is JIMI! And it is not some underground-maded cd with tissue-cover and ukrainian words about "license" and other crap :D This CD enlarges my collection, where i already have such cd's as Led Zeppelin IV, Rolling Stones - Aftermath, Queen II and others. I'm not some kind of mad audiophile, but as fo me, there is a very big difference between mp3's (or even losless) and your own audio cd. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

fantastic weather

It's raining now and I hear deafening claps of thunder right overhead. Not very good weather for the summer, but I like it. I don't like oppressive heat at all, that usually comes every summer to my city. Especially as, now I can concentrate on my work or/and my studying, cause nothing draws my attention away from it.


Yeah, I was writing this post, when an accident sent me to the 17' сentury - electric light and water were cut off for 2 hours :D It is a common occurrence for my city, and the whole country too, so I wasn't surprised :D Now troubles with the internet connection start :D I hate that.

Monday, June 13, 2011

a new manner

So. I desided to write all my next posts in English. It will be better for me and my future readers, I hope :). As for russians, they can ask me to translate all they need :D If you will find here some awful mistakes, please don't call me a stupid bastard :D But I will be glad if you'll help me to correct them and use right phrases etc.