Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kick the vacation

I've got a vacation for 3 weeks, but so what? As Adriano Celentano said in "Il bisbetico domato" movie, "they rest from such work they don't like". But I do very much :) So, the vacation gives me more time for improve my knowledges and skills (in my case). I ordered another one programming cookbook from the internet that I'm waiting for more than 2 weeks, and I begin to think that I'll never get it (fucking ex-ussr post :D )
I was awakened by thunder this morning and I'm very glad that the weather gets a bit colder. Eventually we can sleep at night without stuffy air (and wet bed):D
A few days ago I painted one comics about me and my life in these days. If you like "FUUUUUU~"-comics, perhaps you'll like it :DDDDD

I've started to read second book of The Lord Of The Rings, in english. (I mean "second" is Two Towers, not second part of the first book :D). And I can say I like it much more than russian version I read about 6-7 years ago.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nothing special

The hot weather continues, and I continue my studies. I hope, tomorrow our teacher won't say that all we've done on this week in our homework is wrong :) On this week I studied so hard that I took no notice how fast this week passed.
By the way, I've joined the Google + project and can invite people, so if you want to join this social network too and can't register, you can give me your email and I'll invite you.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I just can't believe, that I've learned German language for 12 years. I've almost forgotten all german words and now I understand and speak English, that I've never learned at the school or some courses, much better :) And when I'm trying to read some text in German, I don't understand it at all (without vocabulary :D ). I want to learn another one language, when I'll sure with my English. I wanna learn French rather, but German is good too :) As for Polish, here I know only dirty words and some prayers :D Strange combination, huh? It's because I've got friends-sailors, who works with polish sailors, and I acquainted with many priests and nuns from Poland, who's working in Odessa. :) I'm kidding and exaggerating here, 'cause when I see some text in polish, in 80% cases I understand all the text or its meaning, but the polish speech is still to difficult to me. There are free polish language courses from polish consulate in my city, but now I'm too lazy to attend them :(
As for our state language - ukrainian - :D I understand it of course and can speak it, but I use it very seldom - only when people don't understand russian or just prefer to speak ukrainian :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I haven't posted 'cause I played as host to my near relations from Siberia Oo. Yep, I've got lots of relatives there (cognation), and it's hard to meet each other often because of the distance and money :) So, I was busy, showed the city, drunk beer, talked to them etc.
The heat weather returns to my city these days and it is time to switch on fans and air-conditioners. :) I've alreay done it.
Today I bought a book I accidently found on a desk in a bookshop. It is Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML, in russian. I've got lots of manuals in this area on my PC and in my brain, but i decided to buy it to fill in the gaps in it's knowledge. Cause sometimes, when I don't understand some simple things I feel myself like an idiot.:D

upd. Ha! Some days ago a squirrel came to our balcony. This stupid creature broke one of our cactuses :D But the cactus will live, and the squirrel will too, I'm a kind man :D