Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Windows8 and Connectify tricks

Well-well-well. Today I remembered that the program named Connectify can make wifi hotspot on Win 7, but I've got XP on my PC. Then I decided to make some experiment: to install connectify on my notebook, where, as you probably know, I installed windows (8) developers preview. After some cursing connectify's developers - its newest version kills my PPPOE connection to Internet - and cursing again, but now - ms developers because of suspending connectify's exe file, I've installed it at last . And voila, now i've got wifi at home without the router again. What a favorable day today - everything I make today works properly.


  1. s0o.. how did you do it?

  2. joshINFINITI, Connectify's installation is pretty simple, just in 3-4 clicks.