Friday, June 24, 2011


Hmm, today I received sms from my head of the curriculum department that this Sunday's lessons carried to Monday, again. I suspect, it happened because of free days in our country again, there will be the Constitution Day (28.06), so we've got 3 free days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and we're going to study, but in another day. %) Yup, that's tangly a bit, huh.
I need to lay out my time now, cause I don't wanna waste it. As weather forecast says, it will rain almost all the next week. So walking and sunbathing are canselled. A grade-grubler in my head tells me, that I should learn english more than I do it, and as I feel, I'll yield to it. :)
Today I was awakened at 7 o'clock by some goddamn bugger-neighbour from one or two levels down, he listened to the radio. There was "Europe - Final Countdown", but that is no excuse. If he'll do the same thing again, I kill him.
I remember one anecdote: "I set my favourite song as signal for the alarm clock. ..I don't have favourite songs anymore." :D that's true.

P.S. I hope, in the end of summer I won't be like a programmer on this pic :D

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  1. You crack me up. I am already rocking a farmer's tan (looks similar to the scuba diving tan) and I'm not a farmer. Also, it could be worse than Final Countdown, but I don't want to hear anything at 7 am either :p