Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nothing special

The hot weather continues, and I continue my studies. I hope, tomorrow our teacher won't say that all we've done on this week in our homework is wrong :) On this week I studied so hard that I took no notice how fast this week passed.
By the way, I've joined the Google + project and can invite people, so if you want to join this social network too and can't register, you can give me your email and I'll invite you.


  1. I am personally not a fan of hot weather to the extreme. Sounds like a productive week. Much better than what I did!

  2. very hot weather here all this week — 100 degrees both tomorrow and day after don't know what that converts to in centrigrade, but i think it's almost 40*)

  3. the same weather is in Odessa now :)

  4. I have google+, just got it, you can add me: