Monday, October 24, 2011

I love sundays

Actually, lots of my familiars think that this is horrible - to study on sundays. But I don't think so, I've got the best teacher, I've got lots of time to study undisturbedly at home and I can plan all my week like I want, and I can sleeeeep all the monday morning :D . But almost all this time I spend for my projects, but that's ok too.
One day ago I was listening to Absolute Classic Rock radio (I found it on itunes, but it is possible to listen it from their site) and found an exellent duet - Cher and Meat Loaf. I had no idea, that Cher can sing like that :D I thought she is only an actress and another pop-singer.

p.s. f*ck u, android emulator and avd manager. I'm going to test all of my projects on my htc instead.

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